AP fact check: Spicer says case closed on Russia. It’s not

Photo by Joshua Roberts/Reuters WASHINGTON — The question of collusion between Russian interests and Donald Trump’s campaign is far from answered, despite repeated assertions by the president’s spokesman that it’s case closed. Sean Spicer angrily dismissed inquiries about the matter Tuesday, declaring that “every single person who’s been briefed on this, as I’ve said ad […]

Congress Overturns Internet Privacy Regulation

The measure is a victory for the ISPs, which have argued that the regulation would put them at a disadvantage compared with so-called edge providers, like Google and Facebook. Congress’ approval is a loss for privacy advocates, who fought for the regulation, passed in October of last year by the then-Democratic majority on the Federal […]

253- Manzanar

Live shows! When they talked about “camp” that’s what they meant. Los Angeles with Helen Zaltzman   April 14, Arts for LA West Coast Tour May 8-12   Radiotopia Live In 1969, Warren Furutani and his friend, Victor Shibata, went looking for the closest camp to Los Angeles, a place called Manzanar. When Warren Furutani […]

Read the full text of Trump’s executive order on energy and climate change

energy independence by rolling back or reviewing clean energy policies instituted before and during the Obama administration. The moves are geared toward alleviating regulations on and expanding fossil fuel enterprises, the White House says. Photo by Kristina Barker/REUTERS On Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that aims to boost U.S. Read the […]

Bridgegate: Where Are They Now?

But even though documents would later show O’Toole participated in a plan to cover up the closures, the senator also served on the legislature’s Bridgegate investigative committee, locking horns with Democrats who were pursuing Bridgegate subpoenas. Mowers has become   one of the most powerfully positioned people in American diplomatic policy, even though   before […]

We’ll Always Have Paris

To find clarity among the conflicting commentary Brooke spoke in 2015 with Andrew Revkin who writes the Dot Earth blog for the New York Times, and Jonathan Katz who covered the talks in Paris for the New Republic. Donald Trump made many, many pronouncements on the campaign trail, one of them was   that he […]

The Flaming Lips On World Cafe

In this session, we feature live performances of music from Oczy Mlody, The Flaming Lips’ album from earlier this year, and a conversation that covers the making of both that album and the band itself. “The idea of being an artist and being in chaos at the same time — that is probably what made […]

OHSU Drug Study

Dennis Bourdette, chair of OHSU’s Department of Neurology, teamed up with an Oregon State professor to study the drug acthar. They found that the drug is being prescribed to a small number of patients by less than 1 percent of physicians in the U.S., but it’s costing Medicare half a billion dollars. It’s used to […]