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Care Education in Specialty Oncology Training

The Masterclass in Oncology Nursing programme is designed for European advanced cancer nurses as a multi-professional joint event. Five intensive days of full immersion in up-to-date oncology will create a collective spirit of teaching and learning to improving clinical skills and patient care. Nursing sessions are specific nursing-oriented sessions exploring specialist practice skills such as assessment and decision making, communication skills, complex symptom management, research in nursing, psychosocial consequences of… Read Article →

Postural Re-education

The specialist physiotherapists at Sports and Spinal Physio are highly qualified in assessing and treating postural conditions which can lead to pain and a decline in quality of life. Bad posture can result in other problems such as back pain, shoulder impingements, headaches and hip joint pain. Our physiotherapists will initially conduct a thorough assessment to gage the underlying issue of what is causing the incorrect posture. Following this assessment… Read Article →