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A Career in Surgical Oncology: Finding Meaning, Balance, and Personal Satisfaction

The practice of surgical oncology provides opportunities for both personal distress as well as personal satisfaction. While many surgical oncologists experience career burnout, others derive great meaning and satisfaction from their work. In this article, we review the literature on surgeon burnout, discuss potential personal and professional consequences, and consider steps individual surgeons can take to promote personal and professional satisfaction. ¬†Training for and practising the specialty of surgical oncology… Read Article →

Paediatric Cardiology Special Interest

In August 2017¬† there will be a 1 year Paediatric Cardiology special interest post, with an additional 1 year post available from February 2018, which are for the training of existing paediatric trainees according to the RCPCH approved SPIN module in Paediatric Cardiology (available from the RCPCH website for information). These posts are initially being offered to the School of Paediatrics rotation grid for Yorkshire and Humber trainees. If appointable… Read Article →