Scrutiny of Embattled Correction Chief Continues

WNYC’s Cindy Rodriguez attended the hearing and speaks with host Jami Floyd about the latest developments. The embattled head of New York City’s jail system Joseph Ponte was on the hot seat Monday at a hearing of a City Council committee. It was the first time Ponte spoke in public since the Department of Investigation […]

Austrian Court Rules Facebook Must Delete Hate Speech

Last month, Germany moved forward with legislation that would fine social networks as much as $53 million “if they fail to give users the option to complain about hate speech and fake news or refuse to remove illegal content,” Bloomberg reported. expressed concern that the measure ‘would force private companies instead of courts to decide […]

Why blue states might ditch beloved Obamacare protections

“I certainly think there’s going to be political pressure applied to make adjustments [in essential health benefits],” he said. “No state is safe from such a waiver,” said Brendan Riley, a health policy analyst at the North Carolina Justice Center, an advocacy group focused on economic and social issues. “I’d be vociferously and violently opposed […]

Five healthy recipes that are doctor-approved

Serve hot. Stir the millet occasionally as it cooks. When we were there, she was focusing on building a more nutritious breakfast. Cover and let soak, refrigerated, 8 hours or overnight. Copyright The Culinary Institute of America 2016. 7. each For herb mixture: • 1 cup parsley, flat leaf, coarsely chopped • 1/2 cup cilantro, […]

Sir Mix-a-Lot On 25 Years Of ‘Baby Got Back’

In the mid-’90s, Kaplan was staff writer at LA Weekly. To see more, visit “Basically, pop culture was waif-thin, heroin addict, big hair, fake boobs — you know, that was what they thought beautiful was. “Every day, my butt wears me tolerably well, I’d like to think,” her piece went, “and has ever since […]

Column: The patients we do not see

When they do seek care, it is sporadic. And so for every Elsa who walks into our clinic I know there is another patient we do not see. But the goal is not to schedule doctor’s appointments for all library-goers, but rather to equip them to be better stewards of their own health, which sometimes […]

The Future Of The Paris Agreement

And if the U.S. does leave, what does that mean for the Earth and for industry? But now that he’s in office, the president is facing some surprising opposition. On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump promised to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, which nearly 200 nations signed on to […]

Love candy? Blame this liver hormone

But both Gillum and Maratos-Flier said more research is needed to clarify how FGF21 factors into obesity and other metabolic disorders. Prior work has shown genetics tweaks to FGF21 pathways increase alcohol intake in mice and humans. While the neuroscience behind what drives overall hunger is well-understood, surprisingly little is known about why our brains […]