Convicted Coal Mine CEO Is Taking His Case To The U.S. Supreme Court

Blankenship served a one-year federal prison sentence after being convicted of conspiracy to violate federal mine safety laws. Multiple investigations blamed the explosion that ripped through the mine on inadequate safety protections, including excessive explosive coal dust, inadequate ventilation and worn out equipment. “We never give up,” says Blankenship attorney William Taylor, who notified the […]

Watch: New Jersey’s 2nd Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

Murphy is widely considered to be steamrolling his opponents when it comes to campaign funds, Aron said. The Brian Lehrer Show is holding interviews with the gubernatorial candidates from both parties. For the second time this week, those New Jersey Democratic gubernatorial candidates   who’ve raised enough money to qualify for state-matching funds   will […]

Did Sessions break recusal vow in helping fire Comey?

The post Did Sessions break recusal vow in helping fire Comey? That appointment was made by Comey, who at the time was deputy attorney general. Sessions’ recusal means Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is overseeing the Justice Department’s Russia investigation. It can also be argued that Sessions should have steered clear of Comey’s firing because […]

With Alcoholism Rampant On Nearby Reservation, Nebraska Shuts Town’s Liquor Stores

That’s why members of the Whiteclay Task Force will gather here next week to discuss economic development. But Loren Paul, a county commissioner here, labels them “do-gooders” who he says are missing two key points: small-business owners’ rights to operate their establishments and personal responsibility. The battle over alcohol stores in tiny Whiteclay, Neb., has […]