Deputy Attorney General Knew Comey Was Out Before Writing Critical Memo, Senators Say

“You’re pretty well knocked out of the game,” he said about the ongoing high-profile congressional probes, “and that’s probably the way it should be.” “Congress has been pretty much sidelined. Not completely, but pretty much,” Graham said. To see more, visit Virginia Sen. Trump has denied the conversation took place. “We can go back […]

Fidget toys and why your kid’s brain loves them

They embody an enduring phenomenon that nearly everyone uses at some point – just watch your own behavior when doing desk work or sitting in meetings. In one preliminary study looking at stress ball use, sixth graders who used these fidget toys during instruction independently reported that their “attitude, attention, writing abilities, and peer interaction […]

‘Abacus’: The Small Chinatown Bank That Paid A High Price

Also, Yu spoke a dialect that even most of his fellow Abacus employees didn’t understand. That includes Jill Sung and Vera Sung, the English-speaking, Connecticut-raised sisters who had inherited day-to-day operations from their father, one of the bank’s founders. From the pages of sober financial journals to Hollywood’s slapstick-econ adaptation of The Big Short, commentators […]

Bryan Cranston Hides And Watches In ‘Wakefield’

She gets splendidly creepy help from Bryan Cranston, an actor of great versatility whose rictus grin and beady-eyed glare predict he may never outrun typecasting. It quickly grows clear that the cunning operator is also a spectacularly unreliable narrator who’s overdue for a major correction. Fifteen years earlier, we learn from copious flashbacks, Howard had […]

‘Alien: Covenant’ Continues To Mine Old Ground

Almost 40 years ago, Alien was a B-movie with A+ production values and performances, and the scariest monster the movies ever gave us. Specifically, others who’ve had careers as celebrated and far more consistent than his own: James Cameron, David Fincher, Jean-Pierre Jeunet. (The distance between these movies and Blade Runner, Scott’s other landmark sci-fi […]