Hari Kondabolu and His Mom Answer Your Life Questions

An anonymous audience member says   her parents hate her   boyfriend—and wonders what to do. Make sure your hands are in the picture (no faces required!) and send it in to deathsexmoney@wnyc.org. In the middle of it,   Uma had a heart attack. Take a picture of your loan statement, or write out your number in a creative way. A listener named Judith asks how long parents should financially support their kids. We had such a good time with them that   we invited Hari and his hilarious mom to join us   on stage again—this time, for   a live advice show in The Greene Space. “I left my country,” Uma said. as a young woman, and Hari, who was raised in Queens and is now a stand-up comic, sat down with me to answer your questions about everything from money woes to relationship hurdles to pursuing   a meaningful life. When we   first met comedian Hari Kondabolu and his mom,   Uma, a year ago, we found out that comedy runs in their family. “And if my kids want to do it to fulfill their career, I think I would let them go. Uma, who immigrated from India to the U.S. “She didn’t want me to know,” Hari said. Uma lives far away from her family, and for her that’s worked. We hear from a listener named Kevin in California, who’s unsure about his career path   at 30. “She   didn’t want there to be any regret.”
Watch video of Hari and Uma on stage at The Greene Space below. And Katie, who lives in Boston, sent in   a message about finding balance between her closeness with   her family (physically and emotionally)   and a potential dream job that could take her abroad. I think without happiness you find resentment later.” However, Hari says his mom has taken that approach to the extreme.  
We are still hard at work on our episode about student loans. We’ve got another assignment for you: Send us a picture of the amount that you owe on your student loans. When his career was first taking off, he was   traveling for weeks on end.