What Does It Mean When Cancer Findings Can’t Be Reproduced?

Irving Weissman, a professor of pathology and developmental biology at Stanford University, is also disappointed in how the reproducibility project handled his experiment. Nosek is also a psychology professor at the University of Virginia. They’ve now published the results of their first five attempts, in eLife. And his results garnered worldwide attention when two thirds […]

How To Salvage U.S.-Russia Relations: One Expert’s Take

“Everything that sows disunity in Europe is beneficial to Russia because of the asymmetry in power between Russia and the West,” Graham said. “Simply increasing sanctions won’t resolve the Ukraine crisis. “Normalization doesn’t mean cooperation but reestablishing normal diplomatic channels. “The world order is shifting. Things got worse when Russia annexed Crimea and fomented an […]

Russia Extends Residency Permit For Edward Snowden

“Snowden rejected the report as riddled with ‘obvious falsehoods,’ ” Lucian reports. Yet the White House drew a distinction between the unapologetic Snowden and Manning. They note that Snowden’s revelations exposed violations of the law, triggering reform. documents to Wikileaks. “She ridiculed former deputy CIA chief Michael Morell for suggesting that returning Snowden to the […]

What the Women’s March wants

Carrie Almond, the president of the National Federation of Republican Women, agreed. “Oh forget it,” Morella said. While many Republicans and Democrats sounded alarm bells over the Trump presidency’s potential impact on women, supporters argued that many of their concerns were premature or overblown. “I think you have to look at people at the margins, […]